Winter Wedding Ideas

The winter wedding is magical wedding that coincides on the snowy winter, festive, and holiday months. The winter months start from late November to early March. The snow flakes float romantically in the air and come down slowly to the ground. In a few hours, the snow blankets all around to create and prepare for fabulous wedding setting.

The snow glistens and sparkles to your eyes as if the snow calls you to play. If you look real close, the white turns bluish in color. On a clear silent night, the stars flicker and shine heavenly. Thus, the winter wedding colors include white, light blue, and silver. Since the mistle toe is a green and red, the green and red color also fits the winter wedding. Think of ice, snow, snowflakes, ornaments, lanterns, fireplaces, ice sculptures, ginger breads, holiday decorations, and holiday treats as a winter wedding theme.

The white flowers works best for winter wedding like roses, calla lilies, carnations, gardenias, and magnolias. Although the mistle toes are green and red, mistle toes can be use as we use mistle toes for holiday decorations.

The Victorian church, winter village, large log cabin, historic mansion, and nostalgic castle provide an elegant and fabulous wedding venue. Ski resorts usually reside on a winter village. The winter village gives an unforgettable feel and character for wedding photos. A good example is Whistler, BC in Canada. A castle will do well for a venue too. For a new country, a castle-like or brick-like hotel or inn is a good alternative. The Banff Springs Hotel which is a castle-like hotel located at Banff, BC, Canada fits perfectly to the description. The large log cabin can make you feel at home as well. Also, any Victorian Church and Historic Mansion will etch the lasting memory in your heart. The wedding will be remembered forever. Lastly, you can dress up the pine trees with holiday ornaments and lights. The wedding photos will capture the festiveness of the holiday. It is like a wedding in holiday tree festival.

In cold winter weather, the white coats, furs, scarves, gloves, and capes handle the chilly and snowy weather. The snowflakes look magical in wedding photos too. Suddenly, the wedding is in winter wonderland. To add sparkles in your wedding attire, you can add diamond or pearl earrings, necklaces, and bracelets. The bridal jewelry complements the already stunning wedding dress. For the bridesmaids, and maids of honor, the Swarovski Crystal or Cubic Zirconia Jewelry work as excellent wedding favors. It is a great treat for playing the vital wedding roles. You can also dress up the bridesmaids, and maids of honor with fluffy angel feather wings to create a team of angels in the wedding.

The fireplaces and candles add a never-ending charm. We like to cozy and warm up around fireplaces during the winter season. Several red, green, and silver votive on the fireplace release the romantic mood of the holiday and wedding. On a centerpiece, several ice sculptures bring the magic of winter season in the reception dinner. A snowman, ice globe, castle, and snow flake ice sculpture are a few of the choices. Or, the village of ginger bread houses works like a charm too. To add more holiday flavor, you can add holiday garlands, and flickering lights.

The wedding cake can sit on white tulle, cotton, and blanket to simulate a wedding cake on a snowy hill. The baker can decorate the wedding with ginger bread man, and miniature winter village.

The menu of the winter season is ham, and turkey. For dessert, you have a choice of roasted chestnut, chocolate fondue, ginger breads, candy cane, marshmallows, and mint candy. For beverage, you have hot chocolate, hot cider, eggnog, and sparkling wine. Hot chocolate can be spiced up with a hint of candy cane, whereas the hot cider can be spiced up with a stick of cinnamon.

The wedding favors of the season are holiday ornaments, snowflake-shape soap, scented pine cones, snowstorm globe, candle votives, ornament candle, holiday tree soap, holiday stockings, and ginger breads.

During the winter holiday, many come home to celebrate the holiday with our relatives. So, they are more likely to come celebrate the wedding with you. Best of all, most establishments decorates for the holiday festivities. So, you save money on decorations. A winter wedding also captures the magic of the winter and holiday season.

Something Blue: Wedding Traditions, Superstitions, and Sayings

Something Blue: And old saying with a new spin

“Something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue, and a Silver Sixpence in your shoe.”

This rhyme originated in the Victorian times and is still practiced by some to this day. A silver sixpence has been replaced by a penny in the shoe due to how difficult it is to find a silver sixpence. (Quoted from The Wedding Planners of Canada)

Here are some great ideas to merge this tradition into a more modern wedding.

Something Old: A great way to incorporate something old into your wedding is simply going vintage. Use a vintage veil, wedding dress, or even a wedding garter.

Something New: Every ladies best friend is jewellery… or so the saying goes. Whether it’s a gift to yourself or from someone else accessories are the best way to add something new to your wedding.

Something Borrowed: Borrowing is so easy now a day especially if you have friends and family with great fashion sense. To help expand it from the wedding garments try borrowing something simple like a beautiful pen for your wedding guest book or a gift box for your gift table.

Something Blue: There are some really gorgeous wedding garters that incorporate blue ribbons, or come completely blue. Great for the bride who doesn’t have blue in their wedding theme and would like to hide their something blue.

Sand Ceremony: New Wedding Tradition

Sand ceremonies are a very precious way to signify the union of one person to another. Selecting two colours of sand and pouring them into a vase watching the colours blend into a harmonious unity. Be sure to include the parents of the couple like you would in the unity candles ceremony.

What’s your Marriage Fate? Wedding month superstitions: A little fun old saying and superstition for the couple’s wedding date.

Married when the year is new, he’ll be loving, kind & true When February birds do mate, you wed nor dread your fate

If you wed when March winds blow, joy and sorrow both you’ll know

Marry in April when you can, joy for maiden and for man

Marry in the month of May, and you’ll surely rue the day

Marry when June roses grow, over land and sea you’ll go

Those who in July do wed, must labour for their daily bread

Whoever wed in August be, many a change is sure to see

Marry in September’s shrine, your living will be rich and fine

If in October you do marry, love will come but riches tarry

If you wed in bleak November, only joys will come, remember

When December snows fall fast, marry and true love will last

Remember this is an old superstition, marriage is a reflection of ones connection. So pick a month that suits you both best and remember to enjoy!

Based in Toronto, Renee Ferguson has been writing wedding and destination wedding articles, tips, and advice since 2009. Her articles have appeared on “Black Bride” and “The Bridal Association of America” website. She was certified as a Wedding Coordinator and Destination Wedding Coordinator with the Wedding Planners Institute of Canada.

Trendy Custom Made Wedding Dresses

Looking for a reliable supplier of personalized wedding dresses? I have the pleasure to introduce you to our site, no matter what you are looking for a wedding dress for their wedding, or business (whether online business or brick and mortar stores), we provide the right solution for you. But first, you need to know what kind of wedding dress you have to know what to look for in order to select the best options available.

A wedding dress or wedding dress custom-made apparel for the bride during a wedding, usually dressed in Western-style dress and comes with the veil, and some complementary. The colors and styles depending on several factors, such as culture, religion and fashion trends.

Wedding dresses are made according to a woman’s body turns to show the elegance and beauty of a newly wed bride. Styles include: A-Line, Ball Gown, Column, Mermaid and the Empire.

A-line silhouette
Also known as the “princess”, allows the bride to show her beauty and gentleness and a layer of gauze and skirts. Probably the most popular styles that fit most every woman body. The main feature that is fitted around the body, like that “flares” out of “A” shape, as falls to the ground. Starting with the slim A-line is the full A-line skirt begins to flare at the bottom right of the waist, and helps to hide the hard bottom. Shorter bride, the body was elongated to create the illusion of height. The bride’s complete thought, a deep V-neck design to choose from, it seemed a slender neck.

Ball Gown Silhouette
Mainly in a form fitting bodice leads down to a very full floor length skirt. Similar to the “A-line” to flatter most bodies, except that, especially in Excel, the hiding big hips. Having said this, it is also good, bride, narrow hips, because it gives you a look at the curve. Generally do not “train”, this style helps to create the hourglass look for them, big boobs, as the waistline is emphasized because of breast-line and equipped with a natural, Basque or dropped waist.

Sheath / Column Silhouette
Looked simple, sleek and elegant, this style does not allow hiding in some very difficult areas, such as a larger lower body. Fall almost straight down from the neckline to the hem, or you can hug the curves, increasing the trunk, waist and hips. Suitable location for weddings, as weddings on the beach.

Mermaid Silhouette
Also known as “Trumpet”, this style is suitable for high-confident bride. This is round and large format equipment. A very sexy choice for those who want to show off your curves, and a good two barefoot beach wedding, or a formal ball in style.

Empire Silhouette
Usually paired with a square neckline and wide straps or sleeves, this style is very versatile and suitable for any level of formality your wedding as well. It begins with a high waist under the bustline with a fall during a small flare, which flows freely, or to see a little more, depending on body shape. Bust is less suitable for ladies as draw attention to the neck, as well as those of the thicker waists, they may sweep softly over the curves.

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Arrange a Wedding in Foreign Countries (2)

Nowadays, many young people like to have their wedding in foreign countries. Going to a certain country and experiencing the local conditions and customs will definitely add freshness and pleasure for your romantic journey of wedding. Today, I will recommend you several wonderful places for having romantic wedding.

1. the most peaceful wedding destination — Saipan

Saipan is the main island of the Mariana Islands, which is near Asia. It belongs to the Pacific borderland. The weather there is pleasant throughout the year with plenty of sunshine, fresh air and fine sandy beaches. The average annual temperature is about 27 degrees Celsius. Therefore, Saipan is really a vacation paradise.

Saipan is not very big in terms of area, but it can be described as small but complete. Population there is small, roads are wide, and air is pure; almost everywhere is picturesque. There are not only beautiful beaches on the island, but also local dance halls, nightclubs, bars, discos, restaurants, modern shopping malls, hotels and duty-free shops. As Saipan is a tax-free paradise, commodity prices are not high and the price of many things is even cheaper than that in the country of origin.

Holding a wedding in Saipan is not expensive. The climate is cool and pleasant there all year round. There are not so many visitors. If you want to arrange a romantic, quiet and affordable wedding, then consider this place. What I want to remind you is that when you are taking wedding photos, remember to let the sea of Saipan be part of your background. As the color of sea water there is rare blue, it can add endless beauty and charm for your wedding photos.

2. the most charming wedding destination — Canada

If you prepare to hold the wedding ceremony in fall, then you can not miss Canada, a country full of maples.

The red of maples starts to spread from September in Canada, and comes to an end in October. In this season, the whole eastern part of Canada is covered with red maples, making Canada look like a red wonderland full of fantasy and harmony. Red means passion, hope and life to people.

Honeymoon Lake Maple District has been known as the most beautiful place for enjoying maples in Canada. Surrounded by red maples, you can see blue sky overhead and green lake nearby. Many couples choose to take wedding photos here because of the enchanting natural background of bright colors and pure breath.

Catholic Weddings Planning

A Catholic wedding is performed for many ethnic backgrounds. Because the Catholic religion is so wide spread, it covers such nationalities as: Italians, Spanish, Portuguese, Arabs, French, Filipinos, and even in North America, many citizens of Canada and the USA are of Catholic religion, thus they practice in the Roman Catholic faith. Other nationalities include, Irish, Polish, German and English. is one that is large in numbers as well. Catholic have traditions that are as rich and memorable as the history that comes with it.

Within Toronto, Ontario, Canada, there are millions of Roman Catholics that have kept their religion in tact. Therefore, there are dozens and dozens of Roman Catholic churches throughout Toronto, Richmond Hill, Woodbridge, Vaughn, Mississauga, Hamilton, Etobicoke, North York, Scarborough, East York and Brampton. Catholic weddings are based on traditional values that were brought on by a belief that was instilled through the bible and through the Roman Catholic faith.

Catholic are evident throughout the world; however, for a multicultural country like Canada, this is definitely evident throughout the country. Canada plays host to over 1000 every year and with that fact, Canada boasts over 10 000 Catholic churches where a can take place. Canada is unique in that this country was built on the fact that Roman Catholic settlers first moved to this country over 400 hundred years ago and the fabric to which this country is built is instilled into the Roman Catholic way and thus the Catholic wedding are so prevalent in this country of Canada.

So if you are deciding to have a Catholic wedding in Toronto, Woodbridge, Richmond Hill, Mississauga, Hamilton, Niagara Falls, Brampton, North York, Scarborough, East York, Vaughn, Burlington or anywhere else in the southern Ontario region, then consider Babylon Productions Wedding Centre for all your photography and videography needs. They have performed many Catholic weddings and have staffs that are experienced in catering to the traditions.

Catholic traditions that are steeped in time and something that will last the test of an eternity. maybe the most traditional in countries like Italy, where Catholicism was born, however, don’t be mistaken; are world-renown for its beauty, culture and traditional values that is admired by all.

Top U.S. and Canadian Island Weddings

When most Americans think of an island, their first thought is usually the Hawaiian Islands. Certainly Hawaii is a fabulous place to hold your wedding. But, did you know there are wonderful, romantic islands in the Continental United States and Canada that are just as romantic for your wedding and may be a little closer to home? Here are some you might want to consider:

5 Top Romantic Islands for Weddings in the Continental U.S. and Canada

1. Catalina Island – California

Located 26 miles from the coast of Los Angeles, Santa Catalina Island is and always will be “the island of romance.” Although Catalina Island was hit by a wildfire in 2007, the city of Avalon was untouched and is still one of the most romantic spots in Southern California to have your wedding, just the two of you or with friends and family.

Catalina Island abounds with great spots to hold your wedding. If you wish a larger ceremony, you might want to choose some of the more formal venues like the Descanso Beach Club or the Catalina Country Club. If you wish a small, intimate ceremony, you can hire an officiant to perform a wedding at such places as Buena Vista Point on Mt. Ada overlooking the ocean, the beach, or the Wrigley Botanical Gardens. Of course, you will have to get a permit for the public areas.

2. Sanibel Island – Florida

Located off the coast of Southwest Florida and about 30 minutes from Fort Myers, Sanibel Island is world renowned for its white sand shelling beaches, which provides visitors with an abundance of seashells from the Gulf of Mexico. Sanibel Island is a place to get away from the high-rises of other beach tourist communities and just relax.

If you’d like a beach wedding, check out Casa Ybel Resort’s Thistle Lodge, which has been hosting weddings for more than 100 years. You can choose to have your wedding in one of the many resort locations such as a secluded white-sand beach, the lakeside gazebo, or the grand Thistle Lodge. Call them at 866-748-8958 for more information.

3. Mount Desert Island – Maine

What’s so special about Mount Desert Island in Maine? The beaches, the vistas, and Acadia National Park are just a few of the reasons why you should consider Mount Desert Island. Another reason is the number of “Best of” lists which Mount Desert Island finds itself on year after year.

Bar Harbor is the most popular town on the island, with Frenchman Bay being a sought-after spot for many weddings. If you want to get away from the crowds of Bar Harbor, you might want to consider the town of Southwest Harbor, on the island and 20 minutes from Bar Harbor.

You can even have your wedding at Acadia National Park, which also tops many “Best of” lists. You will have to pay a permit application fee of $50, and there are certain restrictions. For more information you can visit the National Park Service site at and find information for Acadia National Park.

4. Cape Breton – Nova Scotia

If you’re located outside Canada or the Northeastern United States, you might not be familiar with Cape Breton Island in Nova Scotia. But, apparently enough people have visited this beautiful destination to have voted it one of the “Top North American Islands” in the 2006 Reader’s Choice Awards for Conde’ Naste Traveler magazine. In 2006 Travel + Leisure ranked Cape Breton Island as the #1 island in the Continental U.S. and Canada.

If the two of you are into outdoor activities, Cape Breton Island is the place for your wedding and honeymoon. There you will find the world-famous Cabot Trail, considered by some as one of the most beautiful scenic destinations in the world.

For a small wedding of just yourselves or up to 18 guests, check out Castle Moffett, which overlooks the Bras d’Or Lakes. Castle Moffett has earned both Canada select’s Five Star and AAA Four Diamond ratings. Call them toll-free at 888-756-9070 for more information.

5. Vancouver Island – Vancouver

Vancouver Island has also made the Travel + Leisure and Conde’ Naste Traveler’s lists for 2006. Known as “Canada’s Paradise on the Pacific,” Vancouver Island is known for its beauty – year-round blooming gardens, lush rainforests, beaches, rocky shorelines – as well as the “quintessentially-British” city of Victoria, with its high teas, double-decker buses and horse-drawn carriages. A wedding here will certainly give couples a wide range of experiences.

As for your wedding venue, you have many outstanding choices on Vancouver Island, from public parks to elegant hotels. Do check out the Sooke Harbour House on Whiffen Spit Beach, which offers weddings on the beach and in gardens with 180 degree Pacific Ocean views. Sooke Harbour House has the distinction of winning the Wine Spectator Grand Award for 2006, offering one of Canada’s five best wine lists. Call them at 250-642-3421 for more information.

Wedding Memories in Toronto

Traditional weddings in Canada seem to be on the wane. In some areas, for the first time in history, more adults are remaining unmarried than adults that marry. In the 2006 poll it was seen that 48.5% of the adult population in Canada were married. It doesn’t mean that people are necessarily just divorced or remaining single. This means that slightly more than half, over all in the country, are choosing ‘common law’ marriages.

Some people believe that it is the fear of divorce that prevents many couples marrying in the first place. Whether this is true or not, divorce has declined somewhat, although the statistics are still pretty bad. It was recently estimated that 30% of marriages end before the 30th anniversary.

However, while this tendency is growing all over the world, not every city in Canada reflects the same trend. Quebec City has the highest number of common law marriages, at 34.5%. Toronto is right down at 7.8%, which means that 92.2% of couples still choose the old fashioned way.

It makes such sense that the momentous occasions of our lives should be celebrated. Events like birth, graduation, marriage and parenthood are the cornerstones of our lives. If we ease into them with no fuss – just another day – what can there possibly be to celebrate at all? There are possibly no more than about a dozen truly spectacular days in our lives. We just cannot let these just slip by without recognizing the impact they make. They may even be the happiest moments of our lives!

Most people truly live to the full on those special days of celebration, and most people realize the importance of collecting and treasuring the memories those days bring. One of the most precious days that changes the whole direction of our life is our wedding day.

We tend to preserve all sorts of mementoes of this time to keep the memories alive. Dried flowers, champagne corks, invitations, ribbons – anything that has attached itself to a precious memory in our minds. A glance, a touch, and the dried rose brings back the sights, sounds and smells of the best day of our lives. But among all these mementos, nothing brings the celebration back to us more clearly than the photographs.

In order to savour these memories long after the wedding day, we need to be thorough in our preparations for the wedding. The preparations such as the eats, the clothes and the speeches will fade into a blur very soon. A mistake or two in that department will soon be forgotten. But do not make a mistake in choosing your photographer and making preparations for the photographing session. Your photos or lack of them will be there for a lifetime.

The most important thing is to have a good discussion well before the wedding about the backgrounds, settings, lighting and timing of the shots. Check out your photographer’s portfolio and discuss what effects you would like. Try and arrange for at least a few really good portrait and group shots; the sort you will want to frame and display.

Then find out about catching unexpected, funny, touching and memorable shots, not so much for the superb quality but for the memories they evoke. Don’t leave out pictures of the elderly members of your family and friends. One day you may be so glad to have pictures of them.

Destination Weddings – The Top 8 Locations For Wedding Bliss

Destination weddings are becoming more popular every year as an alternative to the traditional wedding. Believe it or not, they are even less expensive than the traditional wedding. There is no need for expensive decorations or some of the other big ticket items associated with a traditional wedding. in this article we will go over some of the top places to have a destination wedding.

One of the most popular places for weddings is Las Vegas. They are known for speed and affordability; providing you do not lose it all in the casinos. And, how is this for convenience : the wedding bureau stays open until midnight every day making it easy for you to get the permission you need to get married.

Another popular place for destination weddings is Hawaii. Of all the Hawaiian islands, Maui is the most popular location, however, you cannot really go wrong with any of the islands with all their beautiful beaches and locales.

For the fun at heart, Disney resorts are another popular location for destination weddings. They have added the option for fancy, detailed weddings, or their Fairy Tale Weddings. Due to the fantasy aspect of the resorts and the options they have added, Disney has increased in popularity every year for its destination wedding options.

A more affordable, yet just as beautiful as , location that is popular is the Caribbean and Mexico. Offering tons of beaches and getaways, and all-inclusive resorts, these areas have become experts at offering weddings that have it all. These areas have become experts at creating wedding packages that are easy to choose and can be created in no time.

If you are not a beach person, then Canada may be a good location for you. In Canada, you can get all the charm of France and all the scenery of the Alps; depending on where in Canada you go.

Another popular place where people are making their destination wedding plans is Fiji. This one is a long way from the U.S. and the expense will be more. But, it still has become more popular every year.

If you have the budget, then Europe has it all for the most romantic of weddings. It has beauty, culture and scenery. One big knock on having a wedding here is the logistics with travel you will face and knowing the rules for getting married in each location.

A favorite among many is cruise ships. The price is one of the lowest on this list and the amenities are awesome. Many cruise lines offer wedding packages where you can get married in port and then begin your honeymoon on the ship immediately.

As you can see, there are many popular places to choose from when it comes to a destination wedding. This is not an all-inclusive list, but these are some of the locations that are the tops year after year. With that kind of track record, you really should consider these places for a destination wedding because the trends tell you there is a reason for their popularity.

Why Destination Weddings Are Gaining in Popularity and Three Great Places to Get Married

One of the more popular trends for couples planning a wedding is to have a destination wedding. Choosing to do this may result from a few different reasons. One of the reasons is that they do not feel especially connected to a home town from moving often or their family is spread all over the country or the world making it a sure bet that most of them would have to travel to the wedding anyway. Another reason is the couple wants to have a smaller, more intimate wedding with just close family and friends and wants to combine a beautiful or special location for the ceremony and the honeymoon. This article will talk about some of the more exotic locations people are choosing to get married in like a Nigerian wedding using professional photographer Nigeria, a beautiful beachside ceremony in Maui, Hawaii or mountaintop wedding in British Columbia, Canada.

When a lot of people think of having a destination wedding, many of them think of a beautiful tropical beach location and not Nigeria. It is one of the biggest secrets out there for a spectacular location to have your wedding with unbelievable settings for your ceremony and a trip that will provide memories for a lifetime for not only the bride and the groom but for all those who attend as well. If you have a Nigerian ancestry and wish to return there for your wedding or just want a unique place to be married, this a truly special place where local businesses put together wonderful wedding packages for the ceremony and the reception following.

If you want a gorgeous tropical oasis but do not wish to travel beyond the United States, consider heading to the island of Maui in Hawaii for your destination wedding. One particular location is Makena beach on the island of Maui which is private and away from all of the big resorts near the village of Lahaina. It has a small cove beach that has lava rocks surrounding it making it a unique and beautiful setting to have your small and intimate ceremony on the beach. Just five minutes from this cove is the unbelievable Wailea beach resort that has gorgeous grounds and facilities for a great reception following your beach ceremony.

If you are an outdoorsy couple that loves everything about the mountains whether it is skiing, mountain biking or hiking, then a mountain top destination wedding may be perfect. One of the most beautiful mountain locations is Whistler Mountain in British Columbia, Canada. They do many weddings throughout the winter and summer seasons for the high altitude loving couples and have great facilities within the Whistler resort to host a nice dinner or reception there afterwards as well. Because it is so popular for destination weddings, book as far in advance as possible for your mountain top celebration.

Whether you travel to Nigeria, Hawaii or Canada for your destination wedding, do what you want to do to make the most special day of your life a memorable one.

Summer Wedding Ideas – Unique Wedding Locations

The summer months continue to be the most popular months in which to marry, and for good reason. The weather’s great, the flowers are in bloom, and the beaches are inviting. And, with the increasing popularity of destination weddings, top summer vacation spots are also becoming top summer wedding spots. Where might you consider saying “I do” to a summer wedding?


The Islands of the Bahamas is a 100,000-square-mile tropical paradise that claims more than 700 islands and 2500 cays and lies a mere 50 miles off the Florida coast. Once called the “Isles of Perpetual June” by George Washington, the Bahamas is blessed with a tropical climate that makes it a year-round eloping and wedding destination.

Cayman Islands

Searching for a unique and exotic place for your summer wedding? Why not consider a Cayman Island wedding? Located in the western Caribbean Sea, the Cayman Islands consist of Grand Cayman, Cayman Brac, and Little Cayman.

Why would you want to consider a Cayman Island wedding? Consider this: Seven Mile Beach, located on Grand Cayman, is considered by many as one of the best beaches in the world. And, if you or your fiance’ are into scuba diving, the Cayman Islands is also considered the world’s best scuba diving destination. All this adds up to the Cayman Islands being one of the best spots for a Caribbean wedding.

Costa Rica

When you think of a wedding in Costa Rica you probably think of beautiful beaches and romance. And you would be right. With almost two thirds of Costa Rica’s borders consisting of coastline, Costa Rica is the perfect place for a beach wedding.

But what you probably don’t know is all the other wonderful locations in Costa Rica to say “I do,” such as the Monteverde Cloud Forest, Tabacon Hot Springs and the foot of the Arenal Volcano. You may also want to check out the La Paz Waterfall Gardens, another spectacular place for a wedding.

Cruise Ship Weddings

Cruise ship weddings are tailor-made for destination weddings or couples wishing to elope. You can get married and instantly begin your honeymoon cruise. How cool is that? Some ships even have on-board wedding chapels, or you can decide to get married before boarding the cruise, or get married at one of the ports of call. For example, if you choose a summer Alaskan cruise, you could get married on top of a glacier at one of your ports of call.

California Wineries

California’s wine country is a perfect choice for a summer wedding. One fun wedding idea is to get married on the Napa Valley Wine Train, a three-hour round-trip rail and gourmet dining adventure from the town of Napa to St. Helena.

Of course, while many automatically think of Napa Valley when they think California wine country, there are many different wine regions from which to choose, such as Paso Robles, Santa Barbara County and Sonoma County to name just a few. While not very well known outside California, Paso Robles is one of California’s fastest growing wine region, with nearly 26,000 vineyard acres and more than 170 wineries within a 40-mile territory. Not only that, but it’s a beautiful area to boot. And, you avoid the crowds of Napa Valley. A couple wineries to consider in Paso Robles for your wedding are Meridian Vineyards and Zenaida Cellers.

Manitou Springs – Pike’s Peak Area of Colorado

While Colorado is great for winter weddings, it’s also perfect for summer weddings. The Pike’s Peak area is just growing more and more popular as a top destination wedding spot, whether you get married in a castle in Manitou Springs or on top of 14,110-foot Pikes Peak itself! One favorite wedding spot is Seven Falls, in South Cheyenne Canon, often referred to as the “Grandest Mile of Scenery in Colorado”. And, grand it is. Seven Falls cascades 181 feet in seven distinct steps down a solid cliff of Pikes Peak granite, making it a popular spot for couples to tie the knot. You can host a wedding of up to 150 people at Seven Falls, although they do not have reception facilities and alcohol is prohibited.

Vancouver Island – Vancouver, B.C.

Known as “Canada’s Paradise on the Pacific,” Vancouver Island is known for its beauty – lush rainforests, beaches, rocky shorelines, incredible vistas – as well as the “quintessentially-British” city of Victoria, with its high teas, double-decker buses and horse-drawn carriages. A wedding here will certainly give couples a wide range of experiences.

As for your summer wedding venue, you have many outstanding choices on Vancouver Island. Do check out the Sooke Harbour House on Whiffen Spit Beach, which offers weddings on the beach and in gardens with 180 degree Pacific Ocean views. Sooke Harbour House has the distinction of winning the Wine Spectator Grand Award for 2006, offering one of Canada’s five best wine lists.

For smaller, more casual weddings, you can arrange to hold your ceremony in public parks on Vancouver Island. Several popular public parks in Victoria for weddings include Laurel Point Park, Stadacona Park and Beacon Hill Park. You must receive a permit, and can call 250-361-0628 for more information.